Thursday, July 23, 2009

Upgrade compatibility

To answer to questions while planning for upgrade such as

My current DB and Apps versions are so and so, I need to upgrade DB and Apps to so and so latest versions,
So is direct upgrade possible?
How should I split the upgrade process ?
I want only DB upgrade, will it be compatible with my Current apps version ?
I want only Apps upgrade, will it be compatible with my current DB version ?

Read below to get an answer:

oracle database upgrade guide at
–362203.1 Oracle Applications Release 11i with Oracle 10g Release 2
–216205.1 Database Initialization Parameters for Oracle Applications 11i

10G upgrade :

Base release of 10gR2 is so first you have to Install & then apply patchset which is certified to work with Apps 11i (11.5.9 & 11.5.10)

–You can download software from
You need companion CD as well so download companion CD as well from above location.
– is available as patch 4547817 which you can download from or

You can upgrade directly to from following database version , or higher, or higher

Database upgrade is Two Step process:

1.upgrade software from 8i, 9i or 10.1 to 10.2
Install companion CD separately ( Ultra Search )
apply patcheset check ReadMe of patch 4547817 via OUI

2.Upgrade database Metadata ( via executing sql’s or dbua )

Complete Checklist for Manual Upgrades to 10gR2 316889.1

Now apart from upgrading database there are some pre upgrade & post upgrade steps specific to oracle applications 11i & follow them as mentioned in metalink note # 362203.1

Upgrade to from note: 216550.1

Apps upgrade to support 10G:

316365.1 Oracle Applications Release Maintenance Pack Installation Instructions (Use this to upgrade from 11i i.e. 11.5.5,6,7,8,9 to

Upgrade of Oracle Application to from previous release of 11i (11.5.5 to 11.5.9) should be done by applying maintenance pack i.e. Patch # 3480000 and few other prereq. & post patch steps. Follow Metalink Note # 316365.1

Your application should be on AD minipack I version 2 i.e. 11.AD.I.2 which is available via patch # 4337683 so first apply patch 4337683. (If you are not sure if you already have AD.I.2 or not query AD_BUGS table)

If you are planning to merge prereq. patches, NLS patches and other functional patches with (3480000), note that AD.I.2 4337683 should not be merged as it is not possible to merge AD patches.

If you are already on 11.5.10 and wish to upgrade to, simply apply patch u3480000.drv using adpatch utility (316366.1)

316366.1 11.5.10 Oracle E-Business Suite Consolidated Update 2 (CU2) (Use this to upgrade from 11.5.10 to

289788.1 Upgrading Oracle Applications (Use this doc to upgrade to from 10.7 or 11.0.3)

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