Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Installing Quantum for Oracle Payroll [ID 224273.1]

How to perform this section is as below:

create a directory:$PAY_TOP/vendor/quantum_2.9.5

cp this file $PAY_TOP/vendor/lib/pyvendor.zip to $PAY_TOP/vendor/quantum_2.9.5

cd $PAY_TOP/vendor/quantum_2.9.5

unzip pyvendor.zip

unzip REDHAT40.zip it will create 2.9.5 directory

cp -pr $PAY_TOP/vendor/quantum_2.9.5/2.9.5 $PAY_TOP/vendor/

mkdir /d11/appldev/devappl/pay/11.5.0/vendor/data

cp qfpt.dat file which should be latest 2.9.5 data release from any of the other instnaces to $PAY_TOP/vendor/2.9.5/data

as , US Super HRMS Manger responsibility --> Submit Processes and Reports
Quantum Program Update Installer
Install in Directory:$PAY_TOP/vendor/quantum

Quantum Data Update Installer
Data Source: $PAY_TOPvendor/quantum/data
Data File Location: $PAY_TOP/quantum/data

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rafay said...

Hello Raghavendra...nice and easy article. Just a quick question. What is the purpose of this step "mkdir /d11/appldev/devappl/pay/11.5.0/vendor/data". According to you steps. this particular path is not being used. Can you please explain.
Thank You