Monday, September 13, 2010



Start/stop apache as root( if default ports 80 and 443 are used, ROOT user
must execute commands )
more /d01/oracle/prodcomn/admin/scripts/VIS_hostname/Apache_SSL_Stop_root
# Please Stop Apache in SSL mode as root #
. /d01/oracle/prodappl/APPSORA.env
/d01/oracle/prodora/iAS/Apache/Apache/bin/httpdsctl stop
as applmgr
$ more $SCRIPT_TOP/STOP_ALL stop stop stop

as root
more /d01/oracle/prodcomn/admin/scripts/VIS_hostname/Apache_SSL_Start_root
# Please Start Apache in SSL mode as root #
. /d01/oracle/prodappl/APPSORA.env
/d01/oracle/prodora/iAS/Apache/Apache/bin/httpdsctl startssl

as applmgr:
$ more $SCRIPT_TOP/START_ALL start start start


implement new SSL certificate
1) shutdown services on web
2) backup the current SSL certificate and implement the new one
cd /d01/oracle/prodcomn/admin/certs/apache/ssl.crt
mv server.crt server.crt.20090222
mv ca.crt ca.crt.20090222
mv ca.crt
cp ca.crt server.crt
3) start the services on web
4) verify the following URL

SSL renew
Login to server webnode1

cd /d01/oratrn/viscomn/conf/VIS_webnode1/iAS/Apache/Apache/conf/ssl.crt
mv server.crt.deploy server.crt
mv ca.crt.deploy ca.crt
mv ca-bundle.crt.deploy ca-bundle.crt

cd /d01/oratrn/viscomn/conf/VIS_webnode1/iAS/Apache/Apache/conf/ssl.key
mv server.key.deploy server.key

Bounce the Apache services for VIS
Test the login

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