Sunday, August 15, 2010

Apache or web service

Verify that both httpd.conf and httpd_pls.conf have the same location for LockFile parameter
cd $IAS_ORACLE_HOME/Apache/Apache/conf" "grep LockFile httpd*conf" and this should return the LockFile location as /var/Apache/VIS/ and not NFS.

Load balance setup:
Following Documents have been followed to enable the HTTP Layer Hardware Balance.
1.) HTTP Layer Hardware Balancer 217368.1
In the Context file (XML File) the following configuration values are set as part of the Hardware Load Balancer
Web entry point Host to the HTTP load-balancer machine name (prod) -------- the name of the Load Balancer device
Web entry point Domain to the HTTP load-balancer domain name (
Web entry protocol to the HTTP load-balancer protocol e.g. "http" or "https" (http)
Active Web Port to the value of the HTTP load-balancer's external port (8000)
Login Page to include <"Web entry protocol">://<"Web Host entry point">.<"Web domain entry point">:<"Active Web Port">
should like below

Forms Listener Servlet 201340.1 (Requirement in Step 1)
Enable/Disable the Forms Listener Servlet
Edit the context file ($APPL_TOP/admin/.xml)
Locate the following two variables:

to enable set to /forms/formservlet
eg: /forms/formservlet
to disable set to blank

to enable set to blank
to disable set to #

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