Sunday, August 29, 2010

Version related commands/scripts on appln side

To check the oracle application framework version

Execute the following command to determine the version of OA.jsp:
ident $FND_TOP/html/OA.jsp and
ident $OA_HTML/OA.jsp

Attention: The version of OA.jsp in $FND_TOP/html should be the same as the one in $OA_HTML if the version of OA.jsp does not match do the following :

Run adadmin.
Choose the option called Maintain Application Files.
Choose the option called Copy files to destination.

If the ident command return any version information for OA.jsp then you have not installed the Oracle Applications Self Service Framework.
Note: ident is not available on SUN & AIX. In this instance please use:

adident Header $FND_TOP/html/OA.jsp and
adident Header $OA_HTML/OA.jsp

How to check whether GSM is enabled or not thru the back end
select PROFILE_OPTION_VALUE from fnd_profile_option_values where PROFILE_OPTION_ID=(select PROFILE_OPTION_ID from fnd_profile_options where PROFILE_OPTION_NAME like '%GSM%');
check for FNDSM process ps -ef|grep FND

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