Wednesday, August 18, 2010


To identify table and column name from where OAM (Oracle Application Manager) was populating “Application System Name” in Applications Dashboard & Site Map

SELECT table_name, column_name
FROM all_tab_columns
–WHERE column_name LIKE ‘%’

SELECT table_name, column_name
FROM all_tab_columns

and output was

TABLE_NAME                     COLUMN_NAME
—————————— ——————————

APPLICATIONS_SYSTEM_NAME in FND_PRODUCT_GROUPS was pointing to source instance where as it should be same as SID.

Fix was simply to update table FND_PRODUCT_GROUPS like

Backup existing table as
SQL>create table FND_PRODUCT_GROUPS_BAK as select * from FND_PRODUCT_GROUPS;

Update table with target name

Legal statement on login page is not apprearing correctly.

1) Login to VIS Apps servers and navigate to the $OA_HTML directory
2) Make a copy of the AppsLocalLogin.jsp file
3) Open the AppsLocalLogin.jsp in vi
4) search for the keyword "legal". You should see the following line

StyledTextBean legalMessage = new StyledTextBean();

5) Replace the word "StyledTextBean" with "RawTextBean"
6) Please note that the replace needs to made to 2 places on the same line
7) Stop the Apache
8) Navigate to the $OA_HTML/.. directory
9) Delete the contents of the directory _pages
10) Start the Apache and login to the database to see if the legal message appeara correctly.

Rebuild/recreate help search index
To recreate the Index FND_LOBS_CTX, we can do any of these two although 1st one is preferable. Please perform this steps once whole patching gets completed.

1> Log on with the System Administrator responsibility, and run the concurrent program ""Rebuild Help Search Index"".
2> conn as apps/
SQL>@$FND_TOP/sql/aflobbld.sql applsys apps

To reproduce ora-600 error and to see the trace file generated in udump
ORA-0600 [17035] using this while connected as APPS:
select fnd_web_sec.URLEncrypt('hello', 'world') from dual;

To make login authentication off for direct login to http://hostname.domainname/dev60cgi/f60cgi
update fnd_nodes set server_id='OFF' where node_name='AUTHENTICATION';

Error:“ORA-1653: unable to extend table APPLSYS.FND_ENV_CONTEXT”
First find out all the next_extent parameters for FND_ENV_CONTEXT
select partition_name, initial_extent, next_extent, pct_increase
from dba_tab_partitions
where table_name = ‘FND_ENV_CONTEXT’;

For any of these that are over 5 MB run the following..
alter table applsys.FND_ENV_CONTEXT
modify partition
storage (next 1M pctincrease 0);

also check resize the tablespace corresponding to this

Yellow bar isse resolution
take a backup of these files:
$HOME/identitydb.obj .

copy the above four files from another apps node

make sure these files have the same sizes on both

then from adadmin generate jar files with force option
before doing this, make sure all the processes are down
if some process does not come down, then kill it
clean up the _pages and move the apache logfiles and jserv logfiles

The following steps need to be completed to manually generate the tnsnames.ora and listener.ora files due to a bug with ATG:
ls -l
total 8
-rw-r--r-- 1 applvis dba 6821 Oct 3 09:53 tnsnames.ora
$AD_TOP/bin/ contextfile=$APL_TOP/VIS_hostname.xml
ls -l
total 8
-rw-r--r-- 1 applvis dba 1939 Oct 5 11:55 listener.ora
-rw-r--r-- 1 applvis dba 2891 Oct 5 11:55 tnsnames.ora

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